About Our Company

MacVantage is ready to be your total technology partner. If it involves your Mac or connects to it, we can help you use it to full advantage. We use MacBook Pros, iMacs, wireless networks, iPads, e-mail, Internet, and iPhones on a daily basis. MacVantage uses in our business the technology you need in your business. We help you use the “digital hub”.

We can help with the selection, set-up, training, and troubleshooting of your Macintosh. Our membership in the Apple Consultants Network gives us direct access to the latest technical resources. With 63 years of combined Mac experience, we are qualified to help you find the best solution for your unique situation.

Within your home or business we can set up Ethernet or wireless networks. Using Mac OS X Server and other solutions, we can set up shared data storage and effective backup strategies.

To manage your information, we develop custom databases that integrate with the way you work. Using FileMaker Pro, we create custom solutions that can be accessed from Macs and PC’s, iOS devices, and across the Internet.

Speaking of the Internet, we can make it an effective tool for your communications and information gathering. Whether you have a simple DSL connection or a high-speed fiber or cable connection, we can help you maximize the potential of this vast resource. Security on the Internet is also one of our specialties.

We also specialize in integration between Macs and PCs. We prefer Macintosh but we do support Windows. We also provide support for Mac and Windows Servers.

While we have extensive technical experience, our first priority is people. Our concern is not to impress you with what we know, but to use our experience to make your work and life better. We speak in plain language, not a lot of techno-babble. We think this combination can make MacVantage your total technology partner.