Consulting and Networking

From advice on which new Mac you should buy to keeping your current technology running, MacVantage has the answers. We do not sell new Macs, so our focus is on what equipment will meet your needs best, not which machine will make us the most money.

We provide on-site troubleshooting and upgrading. We work directly with memory and hard drive suppliers to provide top quality at competitive prices. Our installed pricing for memory is often less than mail order prices for the memory alone.

Our experience with a wide range of businesses means we can offer not only technical help, but business process help. We can point you to the right software and customize it to work the way your business works (or the way that it should work).

Want to share that printer with another Mac? Want to speed up the file transfers between computers in your office? Want to protect all the computers in your office with local and off-site backup? A well designed network can enhance your communication across the room or across the world. While we specialize with Macs, we can get your Macs and PCs communicating as well.

To arrange an appointment for consulting about your business or home technology or to make an appointment for help designing, setting up, expanding, or troubleshooting your network, give us a call at (919) 782-4455 or drop us an email using today.